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The big team's success

PC “Seryshevskij” receives the award!

The production complex “Seryshevskij” is the leader in the sausage market of the Amur Region. Our company is a reliable supplier of high-quality natural products that are loved and appreciated by consumers throughout the region, and we thank you for your trust! 

The production of the highest quality sausages is our priority. To ensure that the assortment is fully consistent with the needs of customers, we carefully study the opinion of consumers, using the “hot line” we work with every review and wish. And finally, the sausage products of PC “Seryshevskij” have earned the praise of experts.

Our “Doctor’s sausage” got into the top 10 of the best GOST sausages in the country, taking the seventh place in All-Russian rating of the federal agency under the Government of the Russian Federation - Roskachestvo! At the same time, it scored such famous producers as Mikoyan, Dymov, Famil'nye sausages, Tsaritsyno, Remit, Ostankino, Taurus!

There are some products without which it’s difficult to imagine your gastronomic life. And this is a frankfurter (sosiski). Frankfurter is a simple and convenient dish, because its preparation takes a minimum of time, even if there is a desire to fantasize a little. “Milk frankfurters” of PC “Seryshevskij” in the autumn rating of Roskachestvo 2018 in terms of price to quality were considered the best in Russia.